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Program Benefits

Everyone can gain great benefit from learning Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do. Based on focus, discipline, and inner strength, learning these arts helps to develop the overall strength and well-being of the person. Learning such a discipline decreases stress and promotes overall well being.

Men and Women
Besides the obvious advantage of becoming friends with a supportive group of others who have the same interests and attitudes, there are many, many benefits to taking Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do, not the least of which include:

  • Get/stay in shape, lose weight
  • Learn practical self defense
  • Increase strength and energy
  • Build inner strength and peace
  • Release tension and maintain a fresh mind
  • Stay healthy and lead a happier life
  • Build strong self confidence
  • Gain self discipline and self control
  • Learn how to make things happen in your life

Many couples take martial arts together. As much of your progress in Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do are very much based on inner strength and focus, this provides an equal playing field for men and women and in fact enhances the natural strengths of both genders. Also, taking class together can help strengthen a relationship, because practicing together by nature of the discipline enhances mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Another benefit of attending as a couple and/or with a friend is that this often keeps you attending regularly, similar to attending a gym with a “buddy,” which can help accelerate your progress.

There are quite a number of growing issues in today’s society regarding the percentage of overweight and out-of-shape children, mainly due to a continued decrease in physical activity from past generations. This, in turn, often contributes to decreased levels of immunity, self confidence, and feelings of self worth, which often manifests into poor and self-defeating habits and choices – especially during the confusing teenage years! Taking Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do can help teenagers get and stay in shape, increase their self confidence, and promote well being and inner peace. This translates into better personal choices, better grades, and a heightened ability to confidently set goals and interact with others – including their peers, younger children, and adults.

Some may think that taking a martial art will make their teenager a “bully,” or heighten their teenager’s bully-like tendencies. On the contrary, at K.S. Lee’s Best Martial Arts of NC, inner discipline, respect, and humility are taught as part of the philosophy of taking a martial art, and the purpose of learning how to overcome an opponent is simply to give the person the confidence to do so in a situation where there is no other choice. However, the confidence the person gains because they know they can defend themselves in almost any situation along with the inner discipline they learn in practice also provides them with the confidence to be able to walk away from difficult situations.

Taking Tae Kwon Do will help to get/keep your child in shape, build self-discipline, and teach self-control and self-defense, thus increasing self-confidence while developing a proper sense of value. By practicing basic fundamental skills such as patterns and forms, board breaking, kicking, blocking, striking, and punching, your child’s physical coordination, flexibility, and balance will improve.

Tae Kwon Do also develops your child’s athletic abilities and self-awareness, and improves his/her ability to defend himself/herself.

Benefits from practicing Tae Kwon Do will also carry over into other areas of your child’s life. School grades often improve as your child learns to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. The self-discipline and self-respect that Tae Kwon Do helps to develop can provide your child with the skills and mindset necessary to resist peer pressure.

With the same training, a child who may “bully” other children finds release in Tae Kwon Do and no longer seems to need to engage in that behavior because of the discipline learned in class.

There’s a lot to be said about “A family who plays together, stays together.” Because of today’s hectic schedules, many parents are looking for activities that allow the entire family to spend time together. Yet your child(ren) typically wouldn’t be allowed to attend a health club with you, nor could you join their sports team to play with them. However, while learning Tae Kwon Do and/or Hap Ki Do, you can take class together, side by side, which strengthens a bond of mutual respect between you and your child(ren) while enabling you to have fun together while getting/staying in shape.

Another benefit of taking class as a family is that you can help each other reach your goals, and work toward your black belt (and beyond) together by studying, practicing, and providing overall support to each other every step of the way, which also helps to build a strong family tie while you continue to progress.